To TOPIK, or not to TOPIK?

Tomorrow’s the deadline for the 22nd TOPIK application. And I’m still holding a blank application form. I’m still torn between taking and not taking it.

Although I would really love to take it this coming April, I really think that I’m not ready for the 중급 level yet. I’m still clueless with most of the first questions on previous 중급 exams that I opened.

I’m thinking that I could just try and take it – just for the experience of taking it. I could also use it as an excuse to study more Korean. But really, I only have 2 weeks to review for it. No scratch that, I’m not going to review, I’m going to STUDY! Finals is just around the corner and I still have 3 major papers to finish. I won’t be able to study any TOPIK exams until the finals are over. And that leaves me just 2 weeks. Plus the TOPIK day is going to be my birthday. I don’t think I want to stress myself too much on that day.

Also, I want to take the 중급 and get a 4급. If I’m gonna take it now, I don’t know if I’ll even pass the 3급.

I think I could join them in the review. And I could probably go with them to the exam venue. After finals I’m going to prepare for the 중급 with a goal of passing the 4급 on the next TOPIK!

So, to take TOPIK or not? Unless something strange or unexpected will happen later, I think I’d go for a NO.

*I’m so sleepy while typing this… I think I’m not making any sense


4 thoughts on “To TOPIK, or not to TOPIK?

  1. Hello! (: so did you apply for TOPIK in the end? I’m waiting to apply for 중급 in Singapore in October! I’m sure you’ll do good for TOPIK though, you are so much better than me in Korean! haha =)

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