Things to do

I finally managed to read the entire blog of Shanna – Hangukdrama and Korean. It’s my favorite blog right now. I’m glad I stumbled upon that blog while looking for Intermediate TOPIK related websites/blogs.

I have spent my entire Saturday morning reading and commenting non-stop – when I should be doing some more school works today. Not that I’m regretting reading from Shanna’s blog. It was in fact not just fun, but very helpful too.

There are still some entries that I have to finish writing, but that can wait.

For now I have to keep up with my lessons and assignments and papers. 😦

Then continue preparing for my speech… Maybe I’ll do a recording later.

The sad part is that it seems like I’m going to do a lot of memorization this weekend.

  1. I have to memorize at least 150 languages in the Philippines (and their corresponding provinces)
  2. My Korean speech
  3. Me and KC’s vocabs



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