Study Plan 2011.01

Right now I attend my Korean 12-13 class (upper beginner) as part of my curriculum in the BA Linguistics program in my university. It’s a 90-minute class, 4 days a week conducted by an excellent Korean teacher. We have grammar lessons, listening and speaking practices in the classroom. Then we have assignments, quizzes and exams from time to time.

I, along with a good friend cum study buddy, have what we call “10 words a day“. It’s a Facebook group we created just for the two of us. We study scripts from the our favorite dramas (hers is 여우야 뭐하니, while mine’s 내 이름은 김삼순) and each of us post 5 new words everyday. We have to memorize these words, and after 10 days (100 words), we take a little “exam” just to make sure that we have memorized everything. Then we also discuss the words that are really difficult and try using them in sentence. We also memorize lines from the dramas.

I’m also currently reading “Using Korean: A Guide to Contemporary Usage” whenever I have free time (which is very rare!).

And as a complement, I talk to my Korean friends (and classmates in my Korean class) once in a while in the campus (or online), I browse in Suna Unnie’s fan cafe every night and I continuously watch Korean dramas. I also listen to Korean songs (or Korean dramas – yes!) during commute and whenever I open my laptop.

So far, that’s my current study schedule. 시간이 많이 있으면 좋갰어요. It would have been better if I have more time to study, but there are a lot of school work for this semester, I’m already going crazy! 미치겠다 정말!

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